Text Us!

One of our newest and favorite client service feature is the ability to text us.

This allows the options to contact us regarding:

  • New quotes
  • Policy service
  • Pictures
  • Sending documents
  • Change request
  • Billing question
  • And so much more…

Give it a try!  810.395.5748


KC Insurance Agency is now Venture Insurance Group!

We are extremely excited to launch our new name and logo for Venture Insurance Group.

Why Venture Insurance Group?  No, the agency wasn’t sold!  For many years I have been asked “what does KC stand for” and I could never answer that question, because I don’t know.

One of our top priorities at Venture Insurance is keeping up with the changing needs of our clients. The agency has gone through many changes over the last 10 years in an effort to offer more products and enhance our technology.  I never felt the branding of the agency represented who we were and the direction we are taking.

I love the thought process that we are all on our own life adventure and we all live in many different ways.  Needs vary from person to person and we understand that.

A few of our new additional services are Agency texting (810.395.5748), client portal and online quoting.  Try it out!

Life is an Adventure. Protect it.

Darci Breslin