I Should Have Asked My Friend

Posted by: Jonathan Tate, Vice-President of Sales

One of my friends recently let me borrow his paint sprayer.  Even though this sprayer is the professional model, since I have used others in the past I thought I could figure it out.  I spent 90 minutes preparing the machine according to the instructions, but when I tried to spray it all just came out in a giant SPLAT!  I spend another 30 minutes trying every setting and reading through the instructions again before giving up. Then I spend another hour cleaning up the mess.

As I was putting the last of the machine away, I noticed this part pictured laying off to the side.  It’s the nozzle. It controls the spray, and without it the machine simply won’t work as it is intended to.  No doubt some of you reading this have experience with this kind of machinery and already knew what this piece was.  And now that I have had experience, I’ll know to look for it in the future (I’m trying again Saturday). But it did cost me a frustrating 3 hours prepping and cleaning, so my experience came at a cost.

Why didn’t I just ask my friend?  My father-in-law and son were with me, and I asked both of them.  But they don’t have the expertise to fix this kind of sprayer. Why didn’t I just ask my friend who knows his sprayer inside and out?  He could have helped me.

So it is with your insurance.  Why not ask your friends here at Venture Insurance Group?  I will use Medicare as an example, but this applies to all insurance.  Medicare provides tools to help you pick a plan, change plans, make sure your doctors are in network and that your drugs are covered.  Medicare lists every form you need right online. And every year in the fall they send you an encyclopedia of information in the mail so you have all (ALL – *whew*) of the information you need.  Yet so often when I speak with people it is because they are already suffering from being in the wrong plan.  And their suffering is more than simply the 3 wasted hours I spend on the sprayer.

They have asked their friends and their neighbors.  But just as my father-in-law and son were well-meaning, they are not likely to be experts in the matter.  Ask your friends at Venture Insurance Group instead. My mistake was to overlook a small piece of equipment no bigger than my pinkie finger.  It looked insignificant. Anyone could have missed it. And the truth is, the sprayer still worked. It still spit out paint. The paint was just a mess and completely useless.  

When you are trying to compare insurance options, you will not know if you have missed some small piece of the puzzle until it is too late.  When you need it, you want your plan to cover you in the full, consistent, smooth manner it was designed to do.

We want to hear your story.  Ask your friends here at Venture Insurance Group.  We’re obsessed with insurance so you don’t have to be.