Text Us!

One of our newest and favorite client service feature is the ability to text us.

This allows the options to contact us regarding:

  • New quotes
  • Policy service
  • Pictures
  • Sending documents
  • Change request
  • Billing question
  • And so much more…

Give it a try!  810.395.5748


KC Insurance Agency is now Venture Insurance Group!

We are extremely excited to launch our new name and logo for Venture Insurance Group.

Why Venture Insurance Group?  No, the agency wasn’t sold!  For many years I have been asked “what does KC stand for” and I could never answer that question, because I don’t know.

One of our top priorities at Venture Insurance is keeping up with the changing needs of our clients. The agency has gone through many changes over the last 10 years in an effort to offer more products and enhance our technology.  I never felt the branding of the agency represented who we were and the direction we are taking.

I love the thought process that we are all on our own life adventure and we all live in many different ways.  Needs vary from person to person and we understand that.

A few of our new additional services are Agency texting (810.395.5748), client portal and online quoting.  Try it out!

Life is an Adventure. Protect it.

Darci Breslin

Are you ready for an “Adventure”?

KC Insurance Agency Group is re-branding!
We are working hard to make your life easier.

Some things to look forward to:

  • Company Name Change
  • New Logo
  • Updating our Technology
  • Widening our Team
  • Expanding our Products
  • NO Ownership Changes

We are excited about these changes and hope they prove successful to help you save time and have more protection for your possessions, giving you peace of mind.

Keep watching!  These changes will be coming soon!

Thank you to all of our troops past and present!

Time spent with family is worth every second! With all that is happening in this world we have decided to close on May 26th and will reopen on May 30th to spend time with our families. We hope you all take the time to appreciate the loved ones in your life.

If you need to make a claim or a payment you can go directly to your carrier’s website.

KC Insurance Agency Group Inc.

Medicare Access and CHIP

Have you heard of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) of 2015? In an effort to combat identity theft, Medicare and the Railroad Retirement Board will mail out new Medicare cards with a new Medicare number beginning in April of next year (2018). The new number will have both numbers and letters. Instead of being your social security number as it is currently for most people, it might look something like this: “1EG4-TE5-MK73”

Social Security and Medicare

Medicare and Social Security are important topics to those getting close to retirement and those already in retirement. Why?

Because medical expenses are a great risk to one’s money that has been set aside for retirement. Unfortunately in most situations social security is not sufficient to maintain ones “ideal retirement”.

I recently spoke at the Kiwanis Club of Mt. Clemens and the audience was surprised to learn that while the maximum social security check one could receive is $2,639 (if you maxed out your earnings limits for a number of years), the average check a couple receives is $2,212 or $1,341 for an individual.

Can you pay all your bills on $2,212 every month or do you need to dip into savings?

Most people have to dip into savings. Medicare is a major-medical program covering 80% of expenses, with several ways to cover one’s 20% copay and the various deductibles. If you are frustrated with your Medicare coverage, call our office! We have some of the most experienced agents with Medicare that you’ll probably ever meet.

If you’re afraid of running out of money in retirement call me, Al Acitelli at 248-789-0750 or alacitelli@gmail.com. There are several ways of stretching your money.

But do you really know how long the money and income you have really will last? I’ll be posting a new video soon that shows the major impacts on your ability to stretch savings and income over one’s lifetime.

There will never be an app for this…

Good luck fitting in all that embodies a business degree, commercial professional designations, leadership training, and countless hours of self-study and professional life experiences in to an app. Just saying…

Ease of business and customer service is not dead and does not require a flashy icon on an electronic device to work. Now to avoid a black lash of “what rock do you live under”, let me be very clear that applications are useful, provide instant gratification for a number of things and are a very critical part of who we are as an evolving technical society.

The insurance industry as a whole is changing. The Baby Boomers are approaching retirement, if they have not already, either passing their agencies down to family or selling. A new generation of millennial agents and owners will be consuming the industry from both a broker and carrier end. How will the business transaction between agent and business owner change? Will it be more informal as so many avenues are now available to talk less and type more?

When I was young, my father taught me how to properly shake hands. He explained what a firm, close encounter such as a handshake meant in the business world. My handshakes represent the beginning of a relationship; the strength I use symbolizes my fighting effort to use all I have to get you, my client, to where you need to be. This includes all the customer service you can handle!

There will never be an app for that. For the face to face meeting, reading body language, that handshake. Don’t buy your insurance like you buy your shoes. If it’s cheap and fast, it’s probably not good.

So You’re Saying There’s a Chance!

About the only thing in this world that we can safely bet on is change. Nothing stays the same forever, thank goodness! Some of the changes we face are well calculated and some are just a plain slap in the face. Either way, we are faced with daily sometimes even hourly new decisions that need to be made which will again create change. See, I told you, we cannot escape it.

Regardless of the service or product your business focuses on, some things are more intangible than others. The intangible benefit of working with KC Insurance Agency Group creates a value relationship based on supporting your businesses core needs, allowing you to focus on delivering your tangible assets to your clients.

Making the change to our agency for you means change. We understand that the concept of changing can come with both apprehension and confusion. Have you asked yourself any of the below questions regarding your business insurance?

  • Do I have enough or the proper coverage?
  • Why are my Workers Compensation premiums so high? Can anything be done?
  • What is my agents name again?
  • Who can help our business with HR issues, loss controls and premium stability?

Local, professional and aggressive, we are solution makers! We want your business, are committed to the whole process of consulting, marketing and serving your accounts here at our Imlay City office. We are not a transactional agency; we will invest ourselves and make the transition as seamless as possible.

You have the power to change how you incorporate your already necessary commercial business insurance in a way that you never thought possible. Let us help you put the value back in your coverage and have it finally go to work for you!

Holiday Spirits

Ah the holidays. Eating, drinking and being merry. If you are entertaining guests or just find yourself with a little extra time this holiday season, I have put together some great local breweries that will be sure to keep you jolly!

It really does not matter what area of Michigan you are in, you are close to a great beer. The infamous Atwater Brewery, Frankenmuth Brewery and Motor City Brewing Works are surrounded by other local legends. In no ranking order, and by no means a complete list, below are some highly regarded breweries in Oakland/Macomb Counties and a little bit about what makes them so special!

Macomb County

  • Sherwood Brewing Company – Located on Hayes Rd in a plaza might be the last place you would think you would find an authentic brewery. Think again! All beer, wine and soda are made in house. Menu has something for everyone and my personal favorite, Spinach and Artichoke salad paired with their house Blondde Ale.
  • Dragonmead Microbrewery – You can literally find their beer everywhere! If you are looking for a unique atmosphere, head to 11 Mile in Warren where you find beer from American Ales to winter season Norwegian Jul Ol Christmas Ale. Visit their website for full descriptions of their available beers, very handy for those who need a little help choosing!
  • Other Must See’s – Kuhnhenn Brewing, Falling Down Beer Co.

    Oakland County

    • Black Lotus – This brewery has a philosophy that goes beyond! “Think Global, Drink Local” is a way of life for Black Lotus. Dedicated to serving its patrons and community with killer bar food and seasonal beers that have to be experienced. Located with the unique address of 1 E. 14 Mile Road, this Clawson brewery should not be missed.
    • Rochester Mills Beer Company – Right in the heart of Rochester lays a brewpub with an atmosphere as comforting as the food and drink. Great bands, pool tables, a sprawling bar and great made in house craft beers!

    Other Must See’s – Woodward Avenue Brewers, Griffin Claw, 51 North, Royal Oak Brewery, Bastone Brewery.

    Please always remember, don’t drink and drive