Have You Ever Looked at a Hospital’s Ceilings?

Posted by: Jonathan Tate, Vice-President of Sales

The last time you were at a hospital, did you notice the ceilings?  Fortunately, most times I have been at the hospital I have been visiting a friend or walking to get a test done.  I see the walls, the doors, the decorations, and the staff.  But I recently was there for a minor knee surgery and saw the hospital from a perspective that’s new to me.

I was flat on my back on a gurney as I was wheeled from pre-op to the operating room and then to post-op afterward.  The whole time my only view was that of the hospital ceiling tile. A lot can go through a person’s mind when all you can see is hospital ceiling tile.  

No procedure is without risk.  Did I remember to bring my crutches?  Did I get everything ready at home? There are a lot of unknowns.

How much is this procedure going to cost me?  What is my deductible? Coinsurance? Is this going to be covered?  The best time to prepare the answers to these questions is when you develop your health plan or during your annual review.  Whether it’s health insurance or Medicare, Venture Insurance knows ways to package plans together so that one picks up where the other one ends.  Often, layering policies this way means you get the best of both policies. Can packaging two (or more) policies together offer richer coverage and lower premium?  YES!

It’s worthwhile to learn the possibilities to see if packaging plans together is a good strategy for you.  Whether you have an individual health plan, a health plan through work, or Medicare, please contact me and ask what packages are available for you.  Let us help you find your answers now so that you’re not wondering about the answers while looking at a hospital ceiling.


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