Social Security and Medicare

Medicare and Social Security are important topics to those getting close to retirement and those already in retirement. Why?

Because medical expenses are a great risk to one’s money that has been set aside for retirement. Unfortunately in most situations social security is not sufficient to maintain ones “ideal retirement”.

I recently spoke at the Kiwanis Club of Mt. Clemens and the audience was surprised to learn that while the maximum social security check one could receive is $2,639 (if you maxed out your earnings limits for a number of years), the average check a couple receives is $2,212 or $1,341 for an individual.

Can you pay all your bills on $2,212 every month or do you need to dip into savings?

Most people have to dip into savings. Medicare is a major-medical program covering 80% of expenses, with several ways to cover one’s 20% copay and the various deductibles. If you are frustrated with your Medicare coverage, call our office! We have some of the most experienced agents with Medicare that you’ll probably ever meet.

If you’re afraid of running out of money in retirement call me, Al Acitelli at 248-789-0750 or There are several ways of stretching your money.

But do you really know how long the money and income you have really will last? I’ll be posting a new video soon that shows the major impacts on your ability to stretch savings and income over one’s lifetime.

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