Darci Breslin - President

Darci Breslin

Darci Breslin began her career at Venture Insurance Group in 2001 with a mission to expand the agency services throughout the State of Michigan. Starting in 2018 she began expanding to West Michigan and making her hometown East Grand Rapids. Darci’s wife Stephanie is a special education teacher at Wyoming Middle School and her children Tate and Myla attend Breton Downs Elementary in East Grand Rapids.

In addition to consulting health insurance clients, Darci works with individuals and families who face complex risk issues related to multiple holdings and significant responsibilities who need asset protection. Many of our clients have multiple homes, significant collections, high-value assets and property, high-profile lifestyles, board-of-director responsibilities, public company leadership roles, or extensive multi-generational family to consider.

A graduate of Western Michigan University, Darci holds a bachelor's degree in business administration.

P: 616.349.7500

Jonathan Tate - VP of Sales


My father taught me that in order for one person to be of any help to others he must be both able and willing. My career and this agency are based on that foundation.

I have wanted to help for as long as I can remember. Whether it was delivering newspapers as a boy or working as a nurse assistant through school, I was satisfied knowing I was making a difference in someone’s day – no matter how small. After beginning at University of Kentucky and graduating with honors from Ohio University in Athens, I spent nearly 9 years trying to help as a nursing home administrator.

During my time in nursing home administration, I learned first-hand the importance of planning and watched helplessly as financial hardship overtook families. This became more frustrating as I learned how the most basic of planning could have helped prevent much of the turmoil. In most cases, the lesson was learned too late. Worse yet, I saw patients forgo care due to the dread of cost. I learned that improper planning often affects physical health as well as financial health. And often people with the best of intentions still found themselves unprepared.

Planning for any unknown is an intimidating task. The amount of information available is overwhelming, and any cursory search will quickly find you countless agents and organizations who are willing to help. But how can you tell if they are able? Helping others through this process lead me to become an insurance professional myself.

In 2006, I began my career as an insurance agent. Since that time, my wife and I have been blessed with 2 children. As Vice President of Sales I monitor the Medicare and health insurance markets nationwide so that we are able to provide you with solutions that will be as strong tomorrow as they are today. I also provide our agent partners and staff with the necessary tools and training so they are able to develop plans able to fit your personal situation. You can be confident the Venture Insurance Group Group is both able and willing to serve your Medicare and health insurance needs.

Jonathan Tate
Toll Free - 855.568.8591
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Jennifer Johnson - Medicare and Health Specialist

Prior to joining Venture Insurance Group, I obtained my bachelor’s and master’s degree from Central Michigan University. I was instructional technologist for 6 years before I decided to focus my passion by helping people navigate the confusion of the ever-evolving and complex healthcare system.

My main goal with each client is to have them walk away feeling confident and educated on their healthcare decision. I look forward to helping you through your healthcare journey.

Jennifer Johnson
Medicare and Health Specialist

Direct: 810.479.5957
Client Support: 810.479.5959
Agency Text: 810.395.5748

Jamie Harmon - Account Manager

Jamie joined Venture Insurance in January 2018 as a licensed insurance producer since 2014.  As an experienced Client Manager Jamie is committed to providing our clients with the options that best fits their needs.

Jamie is exceptional at educating our clients and potential clients on the risks that surrounds them.  She believes in giving the options and letting the client be part of the decision process.

Jamie Harmon
Direct Phone: 810.357.0001
Toll Free: 855.568.8591
Text: 810.395.5748

Sylvia Davila - Client Support

Sylvia joined Venture Insurance Group in September 2017 and entered the service industry in 2010.  She is the first person to welcome our clients and provides assistance for policy servicing.

Sylvia is committed to providing exceptional service to each client in the agency.  Our office and clients are lucky to have her on the team!

Sylvia Davila
Direct Phone: 810.724.0199
Toll Free: 855.568.8591
Text: 810.395.5748