There will never be an app for this…

Good luck fitting in all that embodies a business degree, commercial professional designations, leadership training, and countless hours of self-study and professional life experiences in to an app. Just saying…

Ease of business and customer service is not dead and does not require a flashy icon on an electronic device to work. Now to avoid a black lash of “what rock do you live under”, let me be very clear that applications are useful, provide instant gratification for a number of things and are a very critical part of who we are as an evolving technical society.

The insurance industry as a whole is changing. The Baby Boomers are approaching retirement, if they have not already, either passing their agencies down to family or selling. A new generation of millennial agents and owners will be consuming the industry from both a broker and carrier end. How will the business transaction between agent and business owner change? Will it be more informal as so many avenues are now available to talk less and type more?

When I was young, my father taught me how to properly shake hands. He explained what a firm, close encounter such as a handshake meant in the business world. My handshakes represent the beginning of a relationship; the strength I use symbolizes my fighting effort to use all I have to get you, my client, to where you need to be. This includes all the customer service you can handle!

There will never be an app for that. For the face to face meeting, reading body language, that handshake. Don’t buy your insurance like you buy your shoes. If it’s cheap and fast, it’s probably not good.

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